Archaeology books

Until credit card payments can be arranged, please send a cheque for books to Elgin Museum, including £4 per book P&P.



Grampian’s Past: Its Archaeology from the Air by Ian A. G. Shepherd & Moira K. Greig


This book was commissioned by Grampian Regional Council and the stunning aerial images it contains show the many archaeological sites throughout the North East of Scotland.



Scottish Gold: Fruit of the Nation by Neil D. L. Clark


This is the first truly comprehensive survey of gold exploitation and use in Scotland.  As the images show, goldsmithing continues to thrive as a vital and creative craft industry in modern Scotland while looking at the historical aspects of the subject from earliest prehistory to the present day.



Amber: Tears of the Gods by Neil D. L. Clark


This beautifully illustrated survey encompasses the ancient forty million year old forests of the Jurassic, the palaces of European Royal families, the strange and superstitious practices of the Scottish Highlands and the modern palaeontologist discovering insects new to science.  Neil Clark’s book is written for collectors, scientists and those simply wishing to better understand and appreciate the wonderful artefacts and curiosities that have been created from the ‘tears of the gods’.