Elgin and Moray Books

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Elgin: The Story of the High Street and Closes by Mary Byatt


It is hard to imagine each close off the High Street teeming with large families, but so it  was in the 19th Century.  The population remained concentrated in the centre until well  into the 20th century.  Nowadays only a few of the remaining closes are inhabited.  The  original aim of this beautifully illustrated book was to record what was left of the closes  but the writer, Mary Byatt, soon noted that it was impossible to do that without recording the changes in Elgin High Street.  The book is a marvellous record of the High Street and Closes through the ages and of what can still be seen on the street

ISBN 0-9554734-1-1



Victorian Elgin by Mary Byatt



Compiled from a selection of old plates and photographs in Elgin Museum archives. This is not just a record of long vanished buildings, but a view of special events and everyday life, the architects of Elgin as it is now, and the ordinary folk. Only a few can remember times past - but this book is part of Elgin's family photograph album.

Elgin from old Photographs by Jenny Main




Moray Coast from Cullen to Culbin by Jenny Main




Archiestown: The way it was Compiled and edited by Anne Oliver