Elgin Museum has around 36,000 items in its collections. Most items are on display, however items not on display can be viewed by appointment. Items range from fish fossils dating back over 450 million years to a 21st Century AD energy saving light bulb, and cover everything in between. The collection illustrates the development and history of life in Moray, Scotland, Britain and connections with the wider world.


Moray has a broad range of important archaeological sites, covering every period of prehistory through to the Medieval period and beyond. The Museum collection includes significant archaeological artefacts from the local area.


The Museum’s Art collection contains a number of works of local and national significance, including works by Constable, Turner and Epstein.


The Museum’s Fossil collection is Recognised as a Nationally Significant Collection, and contains items from the Old and New Red Sandstones.

Local History

The Local History collection illustrates the story and development of Elgin and the surrounding area.

Other Collections

The Museum also has Ethnographic, Natural History, Silver and Costume and Textile collections, as well as changing temporary exhibits.

Images of Old Elgin

Find out more about the Museum’s large collection of historical images of Elgin and Moray. Many of these images are on display in the Side Hall.