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While the Museum is closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we will be sharing activities, insights and star objects with you via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

At Elgin Museum we want to help the people of Moray and visitors here to engage with the history of the area for their entertainment, education and enjoyment. It is key for us to work with the young people, encouraging them to see their heritage as something accessible and relevant to them, something which encourages their growth as responsible citizens, confident individuals, successful learners and effective contributors.

We hope to be back offering a full range of free outreach, curricular visits and family activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Links to activities will be added below throughout our closed period. If you’d like to find out more, or would like copies of activities sent out to you, please contact us by email:


Carved Symbol Soaps (pdf 599KB)

Bobbing Boats (pdf 250KB)

Dig box (pdf 981KB)

Stone Age (pdf 407KB)

Museum of Me (pdf 948KB)

Museum Bingo (pdf 788KB)

AZ Colouring (pdf 291KB) (drawings by Edward Macmillan)

Carved Balls & Symbol Stones (pdf 670KB)

Nature Boxes (pdf 440KB)

Cut-out and Colour Museum (pdf 1.4MB)

Sea Globes (pdf 317KB)

Japanese Uchiwa Fan (pdf 717KB)

Pictish Chariot (pdf 667KB)

Build your own Castle (pdf 737KB)


Video activities

Elgin Museum Makes – Episode 1: Bronze Age Jet Necklace

Elgin Museum Makes – Episode 2: Neolithic Carved Stone Balls



Pictish Quiz (pdf 359KB) and Pictish Quiz Resource Sheet (pdf 627KB)

Coasts and Waters Quiz (pdf 315KB)

Riddle Me This (pdf 424KB)




Elgin Museum is grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Robertson Trust for their support in making these activities possible.

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