Past Exhibitions

2021 Upstairs Case 3 – South American Archaeology (pdf 1926KB)

2019-21 Upstairs Case 4 – Butterflies (pdf 471KB)

2020 A virtual visit to the Butterflies display (YouTube)

2019-21 Upstairs Alcove Mannequin (pdf 167KB)

2021 Upstairs Cases 9 & 10 – Albert Bonici and the Two Red Shoes (YouTube)

2021 Upstairs Case 11 – John Martin and Scaat Craig: his part in the Elginerpeton story (YouTube)

Upstairs case 12 – Elgin Museum and the Elgin Marbles (pdf 252KB)

2019-21 Upstairs Case 12 – Ancient Greece and the Elgin Marbles new display (pdf 282KB)

Additional information on the Elgin Marbles at Elgin Museum (pdf 564KB)

2021 Elgin Cathedral Art Exhibition (pdf 185KB)

2019-21 Harold Gordon Crystal Glasses (pdf 867KB)

2021 At The Water’s Edge – Elginerpeton (pdf 552KB)

2021 Fossils and How We Study Them (pdf 138KB)