Upstairs Displays

View the catalogues for a selection of the exhibits in the Upstairs Gallery area. 

Upstairs Case 2 – The Peruvian Mummy (pdf 326KB)

Upstairs Case 3 – Around the world with Captain and Mrs Levack

Upstairs Case 4 – Mammal Skulls (2023) (pdf 184KB)

Upstairs Case 5 – The Incorporated Trades (pdf 511KB)

A Brief History of The Incorporated Trades of Elgin (pdf 789KB)

A virtual visit to the Incorporated Trades display (YouTube)

Mannequin – McVean of Craigellachie, Funeral Director (pdf 161KB)

Upper Gallery Long Case Clock (pdf 134KB)

Upstairs Case 9 – Telling the Time (pdf 120KB)

Upstairs Case 10 – Music Around the World (pdf 94KB)

Upstairs Case 11 – The Rhynie Chert (pdf 89KB)

Upstairs Case 12 – The Elgin Marbles (pdf 63KB)

In the Tower – Mr Ingram (pdf 373KB)


On the Mezzanine / Art Exhibition Area

Beneath Our Feet – new archaeology acquisitions from Spynie (pdf 107KB)

Upper Gallery Mezzanine Art Exhibition – All at Sea

Upper Gallery Mezzanine Tall Case on Right – Time for Tea (pdf 606KB)

Upper Gallery Mezzanine Costume Case – Margaret French’s Wedding Dress (1864) pdf (314KB)


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