Museum Projects

Thanks to the generosity of a variety of funders, Elgin Museum is able to undertake projects focusing on key aspects of our collection, enabling research to better understand the collection, sharing and promoting the wonderful heritage of the Moray area, and helping us to make the collection more accessible to the public. Find out more about some of these projects below.

Year of Coasts and Waters 2020/21

2020/21 was designated the Scottish Government’s Year of Coasts and Waters and Elgin Museum was delighted to be an event partner. Find out more on the YCW2020/21 page.

Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology 2017

Read about our Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology and see some of the outputs from the year’s programme, including links to films about the Museum’s collections and details of the archaeology conference held in 2017.

The Incorporated Trades of Elgin

Elgin Museum is proud to act as the repository for the diverse archive of documents and artefacts which tell the story of The Incorporated Trades of Elgin. This HLF intergenerational project allowed vital research work to be undertaken as well as bringing this important part of Elgin’s story to a new generation.


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