Local History

One of Elgin Museum’s strengths is the wealth of information it houses about the history of Moray and more particularly of Elgin. In addition to objects and archive, we have the knowledge and memories of our volunteers – most originate from here or have spent many years in the area.

What will we see on display?

People and Place – the main display in the Front Gallery, and refurbished in 2003. This tells the story of the last 1000 years in Moray

Victoriana display – in the Rear Gallery, arranged in 2009 to display many objects previously hidden in the stores.

Rear Gallery – a number of objects relating to the lives of ordinary people in historic times, including the last Spey coracle.

Spey Coracle

Spey Coracle

What else is there in the Museum?

Photos – we have an extensive collection of old photographs and some glass plates.

St Gile's Church and the Plainstones, High Street, Elgin

St Gile’s Church and the Plainstones, High Street, Elgin

Archive – we have Museum letters, Minute Books, Visitors’ Books and other papers dating back to 1836, including correspondence with such scientists as Charles Darwin and TH Huxley, and the scientific correspondence of the Rev George Gordon of Birnie.  We have also recently been donated the archive of the Elgin Incorporated Trades and which we are in process of cataloguing.

Reference library – we have a reference library that includes many works relating to the history and pre-history of Moray.

Stores – there is far more in the stores than can be displayed at any time, so if you can’t see it, please ask. If you know in advance, please email or telephone beforehand.

Can the Museum help schools?

We offer school visits, with a general introduction to the Museum and its place in understanding the past, and sessions on specific subjects as requested, whether based on a time period such as the Victorians or Romans, or a particular topic.


We welcome enquiries. The staff and volunteers at Elgin Museum will try to answer your questions. If you are offering something relating to Moray as a donation to the Museum, please email or speak with us.