Elgin Museum has a number of policies under which it operates, in line with The Moray Society Constitution and Museums Galleries Scotland and Accreditation guidance and standards. You can read and/or download some of our policies here:

Elgin Museum Customer Charter 2024 (pdf 94.8KB)

The Moray Society Constitution 2021 (pdf 455KB)

Elgin Museum Forward Plan 2022-2026 (pdf 1.27MB)

Elgin Museum Access Policy 2018 (pdf 114KB)

Elgin Museum Accessibility Statement 2024 (pdf 115KB)

Elgin Museum Care and Conservation Plan 2018 (pdf 222KB)

Elgin Museum Collections Development Policy 2018 v.2 (pdf 466KB)

Elgin Museum Documentation Policy 2018 (pdf 174KB)

Elgin Museum Health and Safety Policy 2023 (pdf 203KB)

Elgin Museum Privacy Notice 2018 (pdf 235KB)

Elgin Museum Protecting Children and Vulnerable Groups Policy (incorporating Learning and Outreach Policy) 2023 (pdf 173KB)

Elgin Museum Restitution and Repatriation Policy 2019 (pdf 2019KB)

Elgin Museum Sustainability Policy and Plan 2018 (pdf 169KB)

The Moray Society, the parent body of Elgin Museum, is committed to advancing the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First criteria, including payment of at least the real Living Wage to all employees and provision of effective workers’ voice through open and continuous dialogue.