The Board of Directors (or Trustees) is The Moray Society’s, and therefore Elgin Museum’s, governing body.

The Moray Society is a Scottish Registered Charity and a Company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. The governing document is the Articles of Association (Constitution). All members of the Board must be members of The Moray Society.

Role of Trustees on The Moray Society Board

Trustees have:

  • Overall financial responsibility for the Society’s assets, income and expenditure and advised by a Financial Committee [ex officio, the Board’s Treasurer, President, Vice-President and the Convenor of Elgin Museum Management Committee (EMMC)].
  • Overall responsibility for employees and volunteer staff.
  • Duties as a Trustee of a Charity as required by OSCR and maintenance of awareness of these duties.
  • Duties as a Trustee as required by the Moray Society’s Constitution.

All Trustees must:

  • Declare any Conflicts of Interests.
  • Attend Board meetings (4 p.a.) and an AGM, in person or remotely, or send apology for absence.
  • Oversee delegated powers to EMMC including appointment of Convenor.
  • Ratify all the Museum’s and Society’s policies as required by Accreditation.

Our Trustees 

Our Board currently comprises 9 Trustees and the Convenor of the Elgin Museum Management Committee.

President – Grenville Johnston, former Lord-Lieutenant of Moray; retired chartered accountant and Territorial Army officer.

Vice-President – Claire Herbert, Elgin Museum Volunteer, including website, social media, YouTube, activities, projects, buildings, Executive Group; Archaeologist with Aberdeenshire Council including Moray.

Treasurer – Graham Robertson, Elgin Museum Volunteer, projects, buildings, Executive Group; retired chartered accountant.

Convenor, Museum Management Committee (Ex officio) – Bill Dalgarno, Elgin Museum Volunteer including Membership, newsletter, line manager, Executive Group; retired shop manager.

Trustee – Dr Nick Brown, Chartered Town Planner, RIAS Accredited Architect in Conservation and Sustainable Design. Chair of Radio Buckie, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries..

Trustee – Stuart Huyton, Elgin Museum Volunteer including IT; Director & Founder of Gaia Earth Technologies Limited; Board Member of Elgin BID, Trustee of Grant Lodge Trust.

Trustee – Prof Richard Laing, Professor of Built Environment Visualisation at Robert Gordon University. Fellow of the RSA, Chartered Surveyor.

Trustee – Donna Skelly, Solicitor and Member with Grigor and Young, specialising in Rural Land Law. Secretary and Treasurer of the Banff and Moray Valuators Association.

Trustee – Janet Trythall, Elgin Museum Volunteer including Accreditation, policies, archaeology, member Geology Group, line manager; Retired anaesthetist.