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Elgin Museum Young Marvels

The Young Marvels is Elgin Museum’s under-18s youth group, named in honour of our local fossil Elginia Mirabilis (or Elgin Marvel). The group meets throughout the year for free and exclusive events – perfect for those who want to get a bit more hands-on with history, geology and archaeology and see behind the scenes at the Museum.

To become a Young Marvel, fill in a Young Marvels application form (432KB pdf) and return it to Elgin Museum – forms are also available in the Museum. As a member, you will receive a membership card, a newsletter twice a year, and access to exclusive events. You will also be first to hear about all of our events and activities for young people.

Once you are over 18, you can stay with us by becoming a full member of the Moray Society.

Since forming in 2015, the Young Marvels have participated in a variety of activities. From a medieval march through Elgin, to a siege of Elgin Castle, a Museum “takeover”, practising their excavating skills with mini-digs, creating lucky talismans, and exploring the science (and magic) behind love potions!


The Museum is currently closed, so sadly we have no activities for you to attend in person. However, we do have some activities which you can try yourself at home.

Young Marvels Activity 1 – Cropmarks (pdf 1.24MB)

Young Marvels Activity 2 – Excavation Block (pdf 882KB)

Young Marvels Activity 3 – Time Capsule Instructions (pdf 389KB)

Young Marvels Activity 3 – Time Capsule Booklet (pdf 470KB)

Young Marvels Activity 3 – Time Capsule Cover (pdf 243KB)

Young Marvels Activity 4 – Seed Bombs (pdf 273KB)

Young Marvels Activity 5 – Magic Beans and Gratitude Bottle (pdf 746KB)


Visit our Education and Outreach page for more activities and quizzes to try at home!


Explore! Elgin Museum

Explore! Elgin Musuem - children's guide

As part of our 2017 HLF-funded project, we created an exciting children’s activity book and town centre trail, “Explore! Elgin Museum”. It can be downloaded (3mb pdf) or you can pick up a free copy on your next visit to the museum – not only can you explore where some of our objects were originally found but you can also design your own museum!

Young Marvels Newsletters

Read issues of current and past Young Marvels newsletters to find out what the group has been up to.

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